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Laser Clays

Come and try our shotguns which use laser beams and have an electronic scoreboard, totally safe! Exactly the same as clay pigeon shooting, but using our de-activated 12 bore shotguns which have been converted to fire invisible laser beams. Participants shoot at clays and any hits are registered on an electronic scoreboard without the use of live ammunition or kick back.

Completely safe – can even be used indoors with our static indoor system if the weather is bad (8m x 5m) it can be themed for the occasion to suit. The clays are all launched in the same way as traditional clay pigeon shooting, with the laser sending the score via radio transmitter to work out the scores, producing a ‘bang’ which is sound controlled if in an indoor environment.

It’s such great fun and is perfect for small or large groups as either a standalone activity or as part of the mix if you have a large team building group. If you want the Laser Clays to come to you all we need is an area 10m x 30 m.

How many can shoot at the same time? – 5 participants at same time.

For even more of a twist, we can also run shoots after sunset using luminous laser clays that create a bright green beam across the sky. Flash attachments are fitted to the guns and each time a clay is hit, both the clay and the gun flash.


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